Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Not Home Yet

In 2011, we moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where the hubs had landed his first job.  A couple of months before our-fresh-little-newlywed-selves got married, we came over and stayed in sleeping bags on the floor of a friend who was in Optometry school at the time.  We had one day to sign a lease.  We moved our stuff in a few weeks before the Big Day.  I was so very nervous.  We'd be two states away from our family and friends.  And the day we had signed our lease was the second day I had ever been to Birmingham.  But we were in love, and we knew that God had planned our steps.  And besides, we'd probably move back "home" to South Carolina one day...

Fast forward five years later, and I can truly say we have made this place our home.  We've grown roots.  We have friends who we can call on like family.  We have learned to depend on each other.  And, we've burned up that road back home too many times to count.

Life's been an adventure here in Birmingham.  (Read about our fav places here)  When we first trekked across South Carolina & Georgia to Alabama in our two separate cars, a uhaul in tow, I knew nothing.  My first lesson: I couldn't figure out why everybody we passed was an Atlanta Braves fan.  And then I realized the "A" was for Alabama (duh...).  It's pretty funny now to remember how little I knew about a place that has filled us up in our first years as husband and wife.

Not only has Birmingham grown on us.  We've grown on Birmingham and truly made it home.  We bought our first home.  Shortly after, we found out we were pregnant with our first child, a son (now 3).  We brought him home from the hospital on Christmas day.  We've watched him toddle up our hilly back yard.  We've watched him make his first friends and get his first boo boos.  We've picked pumpkins.  And worn our Clemson paws with pride.  We've beached on the gulf, even making family trekk there to be with us.  We learned about what white sauce was, and how no one knew what hash was.  And how the Vulcan can direct you when you get lost in Downtown.  We have gone to block parties & grown full-size gardens.  We have walked at Star Lake, even returning a baby turtle there.  We have eaten at Krispy Kreme and also Shipleys, probably a few too many times.  We have waited to get into the door at the Pancake House in 5 Points on a Saturday.  We have grown our faith at Hunter Street.  We've ridden the Carousel at the Galleria and seen Santa at Brookwood.  We've gone camping, paddle boating, and fishing at Oak Mountain.  We've ridden the train at Tannehill.  We grew our family once more, this time with our daughter (nearly 9 months).  We've watched her giggle at her brother and lose it if she thinks she's missing bath time.  We've seen God mold us.

And now, though it seems too soon, we are moving... not necessarily back home, but back to the Carolinas.  I never did pick a team (instead sticking to my Tigers), but I did see my team play the "Atlanta Braves" in the College Football Championship.  We'll miss so much about the Magic City, but we are excited for new adventures in the Queen's City.  So here's to Birmingham.  And to new #EllisonFamilyAdventures.

Stay tuned!  This beauty is about to be on the market!

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