Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Not Allowed to be Sick

So I'm sitting at the Doctor's office for what might as well be my weekly meeting with my sick baby girl.  She had fluid on her ears a couple of weeks before and I wanted to be sure she didn't have an infection, seeing how she was pulling at them a ton.  She was so healthy and well until 6 months... At 6 months, she had a nasty case of tonsillitis; at 7 months, a double ear infection; and at 8 months, roseola and the wonderful fluid on the ears.

But anyway, so I'm sitting there and I'm hoping we won't be there for too long, because although I love our Ped, he is not the timeliest.  As I'm sitting in the waiting room (come on, say we're next!), and another mom walks in.  Waiting rooms are awkward.  Unless you meet eyes with another parent, you just talk to your kid and wait. Said mom is talking to her son saying she had to take off work and that he sure didn't seem sick.  She told him she hoped he wasn't lying.

And for a second, I was thinking "poor kid."  And then, I was thinking, "poor Mom."  I just want to tell her, "I've been there."  She was frustrated with "the system."  I had 3 (three, THREE) all purpose days when I taught preschool.  And in the first few months of school, they were used up because my 18 month old son was sick.  The year before, I think they were used in the first month.  It was SO stressful to take a day.  Not to mention, I had to find a sub.  And my last year, I had a wild bunch, so no one ever wanted to sub for my class.

Times like this one, I am relieved to be at home with my kiddos.  (And not in a "I"m judging working Mama's" way.)

What's a parent to do?  It stinks!  Are children not allowed to be sick?

As a teacher who has seen way too many fevers "spike" exactly 4 hours after getting to school.  And I know that most of the time, that parent gave them Tylenol before pushing them in the door.  Next thing you know, your whole class and you are sick.  So frustrating.  But I know they did it because they couldn't take that day.

I have no answers.  Except that something's got to change.  Kids will be sick.  Parents will be sick.  Let's have time to get well.  

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