Tuesday, March 29, 2016

B'HAMin' it up

Now that we're getting ready to move (read about it here), I swear I get a little more sentimental over Birmingham every day.  We have had so much fun in Birmingham, as a family, and as newlyweds.  Here are our favorite things to do.

Chilton County Peaches @ Pepper Place

Pepper Place:  On a nice weekend in the summer, you have to go to Pepper Place in downtown.  They have all kinds of produce, cheese, meats, lunch, art, soaps, and even balloon booths.  Oh, and always good music!
Pepper Place:  I was 40 weeks pregnant with #2 here!

Downtown Homewood:  Just go.  The cutest little downtown including restaurants, children's stores, boutiques, and a toy store.  And if you're cheapos like us, you can get a cheap date by going to O'Henry's for coffee and then window shopping.  Or go to O'Carr's for lunch and get the chicken salad!

Vulcan:  Synonymous to Birmingham is the Vulcan (probably should have put this one first).  It's made of Iron Ore and is a huge statue overlooking downtown.  You can take awesome pictures from the top (take the stairs if you dare!). And the museum is really good, too!

Oak Mountain State Park:  This place is huge!  Golfing, cycling trails, camping, swimming, fishing, and paddle boating.

Krispy Kreme:  I know it's not local, but I mean, come on... it's Krispy Kreme!  And they make them in store at this location.  We used to get a dozen about every weekend!

5 Points:  Great restaurants like Pancake House on the low side and Ocean on the high side.

Silver Coin Indian Cuisine:  We have loved becoming foodies in B'ham.  And though this isn't the hippest place (it's in a strip mall on Lorna Road), it is some good eats!  Get the Chicken Vindaloo!

Birmingham Barons Baseball:  The Barons moved downtown to a brand new, awesome stadium in the last few years (it was a the MET in Hoover when we first moved here).

Lakeview District:  There are some really hip restaurants here, my favorite being the tapas restaurant called Babalu.

How could I have forgotten these?!

Alabama Theater:  It's a historic theater in downtown.  I've only ever been at Christmas, though they have shows throughout the year.  It became a Birmingham tradition for our family.  Get your tickets early, especially for Christmas Vacation.  This year, Bubba and I went tot he Cartoon Matinee, including the Grinch, Rudolph, and (of course) Charlie Brown Christmas.  Get their early to look around.  It's so beautiful!  At the start, the "Mighty Wurlitzer" organ  comes up out of the floor (Bubba's favorite part) for a singalong and there's just nothing like singing together with tons of strangers, all in the spirit of Christmas.

Old Baker Farm:  It's the best place to pick your pumpkin, and a fall tradition for us.  So much to do for adults and kids!  It's $10 and includes a pumpkin (we normally get a white one and a flat one that looks like a wheel... the less perfect, the better).  There's also a petting zoo, ride-on pedal cars for the kids, a corn maze, and a hayride to and from the patch.  Bring some extra cash for some kettle corn and to have the church group carry your pumpkin back to the parking lot for you!

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