Monday, August 31, 2015

Meet Mags - Number 2

Our newest bundle came 9 days late on July 6, 2015, weighing 7 lb 1 oz- a pound and 12 ounces less than her brother who was 1 day late (still blows my mind).  Her name (Margaret Ruth or "Maggie Ruth") is from her grandmother and great grandmother whom she never got to meet.  We pray their legacies live on through her... through us.

She dawned lots of dark hair (unlike brother) and blueberries for eyes (just like brother).  She is already so different from her brother.  She has been vocal from the start.  (Maybe she'll be a loud mouth like her mommy. Bless her!) Forget the 3 hour feeding schedule.  When she's hungry, feed her... now!   Be really quiet if she's asleep in her bassinet when you come to bed.  She wakes easily! (Definitely didn't get that from me!)  She's the best cuddler and she only spits up every once in a while (total opposite of brother).  When she's not asleep, she likes to be way up on your shoulder, where she can see.  She keeps her eyes wide open, observing everything around her.

Maggie Ruth is a blessing.  I pray she grows strong and confident in who God made her to be.

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