Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Life's Not Fair}

"Life's not fair."

While it's not warm and fuzzy, It's a reality we all come to at some point, or at multiple points in our lives.  Like when.... well, we won't go there.  I'm sure you have as many examples going through your mind as I do.

My sweet students with bunny whiskers on the day of the hunt!
(Well, I lied... here's one.)  When I got out of college, I felt entitled to get a job right out.  I felt like since I worked hard in college, that I should be able to get a teaching job.  And since every school I went into during my practicums, there would be at least one  tenured teacher who seemed to be just sitting back like she was entitled to keep her job.  And I soooo wanted to be in her position.  But guess what?  Nope!  Didn't happen.  I didn't even get interviews past the district levels.  Was it because I didn't try?  Heck no!  So, I guess I need to add "Practice makes perfect" isn't exactly an accurate statement...

I digress.  (And the picture above will tie in- Promise!)

"Life's not fair" probably is a little bit negative.  Maybe we should just tell our kids that life doesn't pan out like we think.  Or maybe we shouldn't tell them anything at all.  Just lead by example (like that's easy!)

Ok, back on track.  I got to thinking about all of this a couple of weeks ago, when we had our three-year Egg Hunt.

We  (me and the other three-year teachers) asked parents to send 5 eggs in each.  The week of the hunt, all of us teachers had a conversation about splitting up the eggs.  One of us thought we should, one was on the fence, and I didn't want to.  But we came to a decision to split them up (5 each), mostly because we felt sorry for the ones we foresaw who maybe wouldn't get but 1 or 2.  Hunt day came around, we had finished decorating cookies, everyone was sugared up, baskets in hands, eggs were hidden.

In all the craziness of getting kids packed up, and headed to carpool (with their bookbags, lunch boxes, baskets and crafts in tow), I didn't split the eggs as we had talked about.  And ya know what?  Some kids had 10 (and I'm sure they were running around like crazy to get them), and some had 3 (and they were as happy as the rest).  And ya know what else?  One of those boys who had a bunch, saw that another boy didn't have many.  And on his own, gave one or two away.  Now that's the kids I want to see as adults in our society.

Give your kids a chance to do something nice, good, Christ-like.  Don't make them.  Because "Life's not fair", so why pretend in pre-school?

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