Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Before} # 2

Our first is 16 months and we'd like to have #2 sometime next year, but instead of focusing on getting pregnant (because I'm afraid I'll worry), I'm making a bucket list (of sorts) of things to do before we (God willing) get pregnant &/or before #2 arrives.

1.  I'm drinking all the caffeine I want.  AM coffee and PM coffee or Chai tea has been part of my routine lately... not that I'm claiming that it's healthy.  But when C goes down for a nap after we get home from school, and I have a bajillion (pretty sure that's a fake number) things to do around the house, it's that little umpf I need to get me going again when I've almost putt-putt-putted out.  With C, I limited myself to one caffeinated drink/food a day, but many days I would have no caff. because it didn't agree with my tummy.

2.  I'm going water skiing.  I haven't been in probably 2 years and I love it!  I also want to go kayaking or rafting... and anything else adventurous that you can't really do preggo.   

probably the last time i felt remotely "cute" preggo
3.  I'm getting drinking alcohol out of my system.  I drink very sporadically and not even much when I do, but I remember wanting a drink last pregnancy/breastfeeding period, just because I couldn't.  And I know.... people will say "you can have a glass of wine," but I'd rather not (except a small amount while breastfeeding maybe.

4.  I'm getting fit/staying fit.  Last pregnancy, I gained 50+ pounds!!!  And I didn't even eat out hardly ever... Obviously I was pretty sedintary besides my full-time work at a preschool and I must have eaten for two (DON'T DO THAT!).  And yes, I've talked to a few chronies who gained like me, but I'm not doing it again!  It doesn't just sluth off when you push that baby off.  It took me a few months of conscious, healthy eating to get it back off.  Plus, let's get past the vanity here and remind myself that it's for the health of the baby and me.

5.  I'm signing up for and hopefully running a whole 5K.  I haven't done one of these since before I was a mother or a wife.  I have the mindset, but am waaaaaaaaaaaay out of shape.  I'm hoping to sign up for one in June.

6.  I'm finally finishing my 1st's (last page) of his First Year book. (Why have I put this off for so long?)
family of 3

7.  I'm savoring being a family of three.  I want to spend as much quality time as I can with "Bubba", whether it be in the back yard, or coloring on a scratch pad.  And I hope to photograph a lot of it.

after some editing, and too many "tests"
8.  I'm brushing up on my photography.  I want to play around with and do some hand-on learning combined with some internet reading.  I have gotten some new accessories and I would love to be able to become a little less "oh, those actually turned out nicely!" and more "I know what I'm doing and how to achieve the look I want in the setting I'm in."

9.  I'm starting & finishing a whole novel.  And though I'm not a "reader," I know the opportunity will be less when #2 comes.

10.  I'm working on my sewing skills.  I want to make it a priority during this summer break to make a few things around the house with my sewing machine (that I've pulled out 3 times to mend/make 3 different things & have never had lessons for).

11.  I'm dating my husband again.  Goal:  Once a month.  And it's funny how times have changed, because pre-parenthood we would "date" multiple times a weekend.  We said "til the day we die" and that was a vow to not only ourselves and each other, but to the "man upstairs".  And one day, we'll be empty-nesters.  And I hope and pray we'll have something in common besides the children we co-parented along the way.

the love of my life in the "rumble seat" with me.
Ready, set, go!  Got to get to checking off my list!

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