Thursday, April 24, 2014

a {tower of a teacher}

So tomorrow's the last day of "Teacher Appreciation Week" at our school.  We're having a luncheon and we've had breakfast brought by parents all week.  And I think that's all really sweet.

But as a (preschool) teacher, I don't need much.  To know I'm thought of is the sweetest thing.  A hand-written note, a hand-picked flower...

So, I was thinking... on the eve of the last day of Teacher Appreciation, I wanted to scrounge together something for my three-year posse and something for C's teacher.  

I've been trying to count calories and came across these "banana dippers" in the frozen section at the grocery and have already made my own once.  Last time, I had minor problems, but this time, they came out very neatly.  Who knew you should go by the back of the bag? 

I had cut up a bunch of bananas a couple days back and frozen them. (Plastic-ware is best to freeze them in, not glass.... learned that the hard way, as they stick bad to glass.)  Then, I melted the chocolate as per the directions.  (I used the Ghirardelli 60% cacoa dark chocolate.)  I dipped them and placed them back into the plastic-ware to let them harden again.  

Next, I wrapped them in wax paper into the shape of a tower.

I tied a cute little tag that I made on Publisher to it with raffia & Voila!!  It says "a tower of banana dippers for a tower of a teacher".
Above Eiffel tower clipart from:

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