Saturday, March 8, 2014

{Hippity, Hoppity} Easter's on its way!

You know how two bunnies turn into 10 in like three second on TV?  Well that's just about how fast these reproduced!  Just kidding, but it really was quite easy to make this Bunny Garland.  I was lucky enough to be able to start on them as my sweet hubs was bathing and getting the baby boy ready for bed.    

I had originally seen the garland on this blog via pinterest.  I made some changes, like using jute twine and also I will add my pattern so you don't have to hand-draw yours.  I couldn't find a pattern from google images either.  It took me a few tries (as you can see).  The first one was a little bottom-heavy and the ears were too skinny.  So I tweaked until I got to what I wanted.

Then, I traced the pattern onto cardstock scrapbook paper.  I only traced half of them as I doubled them up as I cut.  I used the "AUTHENTIQUE" pack of vintage papers that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Next, I cut out about 3 bunnies from each color background (pink, blue, yellow, green). 

And I poked holes in their little, chubby ears with a candy thermometer.  An ice pick or meat thermometer would do.  I just wouldn't use a hole punch as the bunnies may slide on the twine.

As I strung the bunnies (string from back to front on each ear), I glued cotton ball tails on with regular old glue.  I tore up my cotton balls to make them less dense and more fluffy. 

And here they are... 

I hung them on my mantle.  I love light colors on my chocolate mantle.  

As promised, here's the bunny pattern.
Mine was as tall as the pattern on my paper, but you can blow it up or take it down to whatever size you'd like.
Just right click and save it as a picture or copy it to a Word or PPT or Publisher doc.

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