Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day

Now that I'm a Mommy, Valentine's Day means something different than it did when I was married, and

original idea from
much more than when I was dating my now husband.  I love me some Pinterest because sometimes you can really easily do something that's really thoughtful.  Like last year -wait, that was two years ago- anyway, I made this whole goody basket for my hubs.  It was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple (and though I personally think the day just makes "singles" feel bad and sends everyone else scurrying for something to do or give or cook), we were heading to Chattanooga, and I found this gift basket idea with free printables!!  I also made a book of the ABCs of us.  This part took some thought, but we still have the book to this day and I'm thinking about bringing it out this Valentine's Day.  Last year, we had a 7-week old baby and we both found out the night before that we had planned to surprise each other with breakfast.  I made "cream cheese stuffed french toast" and the hubs made sausage and had gotten juice.  I wrote him a "love note" on a heart cut-out.  You know, the one where you fold a paper in half and cut a C-shape?  Though it was so simple, it was quite sweet.

I feel    like    I'm    dancing   around    what I'm trying to say.  Sorry for the reminiscing...  Back to the point... This year, I have a toddler (yikes, do I have to call him that?) and though it may be a silly holiday that the candy, card, and flower companies ramp up, I wanted to do something special for his class, his teacher, and of course "my boys."

So, here's what I came up with for his class.  It's not like you can give conversation hearts!  They don't have enough teeth for that, plus they aren't the healthiest things.  So, as I browsed Pinterest, I saw a printable tag for Sweedish Fish that said "You're oFISHally have my heart" and I thought "... why not do it with Goldfish?" Cbaby would live off of these if I'd let him.  I get the whole grain ones that makes me feel better, but who doesn't love these things?  We always had them growing up (oh, the tangents!).  So I made a printable tag, printed them out, and taped them on the bag.  Easy as that! :)  Feel free to use the printable.

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