Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{Vintage Nursery}

{Vintage Nursery}

So my inspiration originally came from this train.  It's a Fisher Price that we found amongst my husband and his brother's toys.  I think it was probably originally his older brother's, but I'm sure Kirk played his share with it!  It's missing a train car and a conductor, but still toots when you press the button on the front!

Next, we set off to find a cream crib with solid ends on it.  The Pottery Barn ones were really sweet and of course out the wazoo in price.  We finally decided on this one from Target.  It was $299.99 and met all of our expectations.  It  converts to a toddler bed, which is all we needed.  I didn't want to pay the extra money for it to be convertible to a full-size bed because we already have one we can use and figure on needing it to be a crib again not long after it is a toddler bed.  Am I really already thinking of baby # 2, when the first one is 2 weeks and 3 days from being here?

The sheets are from Target and have grey and yellow in them.  We also got the diaper stacker from there.  Shhh!  Don't tell anyone!  The sheets and stacker are pulled from a girl's bedding set, but to me they just look vintage.  The quilt is hand-made by my Mema with nursery rhymes on it.  The mobile is all wood from a local children's store by Plan Toys.

The walls were already grey, which was great, because we wanted to go with grey and yellow primarily with giraffes and elephants.  Of course, We ended up throwing in other colors by the time it was said and done.  We re-finished a dresser that was my husbands's mom's for the changing table.

The shelf came from Michaels for I thinkg $15.  I painted it the same as the changing table and distressed/glazed it.

The initials are simple wood letters from Hobby Lobby that were about $3 each.  I painted them golden yellow.  The diaper stacker is from Target and matches the sheets on the crib.  I love the Sophie all-rubber squeaky giraffe sitting on the shelf, too!

My handy husband made wall-mounted bookshelves from some wood he had in his shop from a rough design I came up with after looking online a bunch.

We placed the shelves by the rocker, plenty low so that our sweet boy will be able to reach them himself when he gets to moving around.  I read that this promotes literacy, plus they're clean & crisp, and of course cute! :)


  1. This is awesome! I am jealous and want you to come decorate the nursery for my baby (HA! I don't need any decorating, he will just be in the room that his brothers were in- decorated the same as when they were) BUT I do LOVE LOVE LOVE Crosby's nursery!! I may be picking your brain when we add on to the house because Knox will have his own room...

    1. Thanks Kaylan! I'm really happy with how it turned out!