Monday, December 3, 2012

{Christmas 2012}

Thanksgiving's over and Christmas is here!  I love to get all of our stuff out and decorate the whole house.  This being our first year in this house, I had to find new places for everything.  Of course, the best Christmas present this year will be our sweet son being born.  Let's just hope he's here by then!

 The mantel:  {Willow Tree Nativity} & {Votive Jar Candles} & {Jingle Bell Garland} Here's the tutorial  for the garland from cozycottagecute.

{Elf on the Shelf} is just a decoration in the nursery for this year until the little man 1) gets out of his Mommy's tummy 2) is a little older and can enjoy it.

Here's our {tree}!  It always looks beautiful.  We get a fresh cut fir tree {although this year we got a "fresh" cut one from Lowes and not straight from the mountains of NC like we usually do, on account of me being over 9 months prego!}  We don't do a theme or anything, it's just a mix of new and old... and by old, I mean our "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments are on there {which I guess in the grand scheme of things aren't that old, but hey!}  We also have made tree cookie ornaments from the bottom cut of the tree the last 2 years.

Here's a picture of the one I made from the bottom of the tree for this year.  I sure hope this guy's going to be here for Christmas!!!

We have a total of 4 nativities.  One is on the mantel, another is from the hubster's mom, who passed away in '09 after a long fight with cancer.  Her encouraging spirit lives on through our lives.  What a saint.

We have another Fontanini Nativity and then a primitive one in the guest bath.  I got it from a very creative girl I worked with who was making them for the profits to go towards World Vision.  I've heard of taking the baby Jesus out of the manger (on the ones where he's loose) and not putting him in until Christmas morning.  I think this is a pretty neat concept.  Think I might do it, but for now, they're staying in the mangers until I can think of a good, safe place to put them!

The Santa Clothesline was made by my Mom and Mema to replicate the one she made and has over her kitchen window.  I love it!  Very cute and vintage.

We have a Santa collection started by the hubster's Grandmother for us.  She passed away this year after 101 years of life.  She actually passed away on the 4th of July, which was very fitting for her as she loved America and all of the history behind it.  She too, a saint that I wish I could have known in her younger years, but from the stories I hear, she was a lovely, godly woman.

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