Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Impatient Mommy-in-Waiting

This Mama has 9 days until this guy is due to arrive and she is quite tired of waiting.

**Note:  Don't Judge.  I love my little boy so very much and can't imagine loving him anymore... and he's not even here.  But just let me blow off some steam, OK??  :-)

{9 Reasons (For the 9 Days Left) for Why I'm Ready for Baby to be Here:}

Ok, so I used paint, but this is
what I feel like my teeth look like!
9}  I'm a little tired of tasting my food twice with acid re-flux that encroaches up my esophagus at night.  Chili's the worst.  Promise me you won't eat chili when you're pregnant.  And that if you find yourself keeping tums and Pepto by the bed, start taking Prilosec OTC.  It helps... until you eat chili for dinner.

8}  I am tired of having yucky, yellow teeth.  Called the Doc's office and the nurse said it's better not to whiten.  Looked online for something to say that I could and every article says they don't know if it's bad, but it's better to wait until after pregnancy.  So, yellow teeth it is.... maybe I'll wear bright red lipstick and dark foundation to try to fake people out.  Ha, that'd be the day!

7}  I am tired of the extra attention and am about ready to blend into the crowd again.  I don't want the
-"Boy or girl?"
-"When are you due?"
-"A week and a half."
-"Oh, you look like you're about to pop!"
-"Yes, I know... I wish I could."
conversations.  I just want to be a stranger again.  I couldn't wait to start showing when I first got pregnant, and although it's a very special experience, I'm kind of over it.
Pregnant sushi:  Sticky Rice, Light Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado,
Ginger, Wasabi, Sriracha Hot Sauce, & a side of Edamame.

6}  I want sushi and a glass of wine.  I've heard people say a glass is fine and that it's becoming common practice, but I'd rather not.  And the funny thing is that I would probably have wine once every 3 months before, but when you can't have it, it makes you want it.  And I have managed to eat sushi by making sticky rice at home and topping it with light tuna with edamame on the side.  Actually pretty good, but still not the real thing.  Requesting that I have sushi for my first real meal after labor.

5}  I want to be able to tie my shoes & put on tights & do my toes (& heaven forbid if you drop something on the floor!) without being out of breath.

4}  I want to look cute in regular clothes.  Although the 3 foot wide legs on the jersey pants I bought from Walmart are comfy, they look horrendous and I realize it.

3}  I'm ready to get fit and lose the baby weight (plus).  I told myself I wouldn't gain extra weight and would stay fit through the pregnancy, but seeing how I was the most out-of-shape that I'd been in my life before pregnancy, I didn't do so hot and have gained nearly 45 pounds.  Ready for them to go and willing to work for it.

2}  I want to actually sleep in the bedwith my husband, THE WHOLE NIGHT!  This is a rare occasion these days.  Most nights I start on the couch or end up on the couch because my mind is racing, I can't get comfortable, I have to pee every 2 hours, or (the #1 reason) I'm kicking around trying to cure my restless legs.  And ya know what?  I realize that I won't be able to sleep because of a crying baby, BUT at least the sleep I do get will be good.

1}  Baby Boy, what do ya say we DO THIS THING!   I've rehearsed the contractions and rushing to the hospital, pushing, and loving on our sweet boy thousands of times.  I'm ready for the real thing:  to meet Crosby.  I'm ready to have a family of my own and try my hand at motherhood.  I'm ready to wake up every 2 hours to feed and calm a fussy baby.  I'm ready to snuggle with the Cros on my chest and for my husband to bond with him.

Dear Baby,

     Won't you come soon??

Love - forever & always,

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