Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the great {gender reveal}

the great {gender reveal}
Let's rewind... to 18 weeks preggers when I thought I had a bump.  We decided to have a vintage gender reveal party to find out what sex our baby was all at once with our family back in South Carolina.  We went to the Doc for the full ultrasound on Tuesday of that week and waited all the way until Saturday to find out the sex, which was sealed up in an envelope from the Doc's office.  We invited grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, and cousins & aunts & uncles who were close-by.  We had a grand time!

I bought black and pink cardstock and craft sticks from Hobby Lobby for mustaches and lips.  Everyone got to pick what they thought the baby was by picking one of these.... big hit!

We made pom-poms.  Even my 8 year old cousin helped!  Very simple, and cute!  We used yellow, green, blue and pink pastels.  Here's the tutorial from thoughtfully simple.

We hung up all of the baby's ultrasound print-outs as well as pink and blue socks on a vintage looking grid.

Here are the pom-poms hung up.  An extra blue and pink were hung over the food.

We hung up vintage baby gowns of all colors that were my Mom's and Mom's brothers.  We also placed rattles and baby shoes of mine and my husband's around.

We had mini BLTs, a fruit tray, pimento cheese sandwiches, meat&pickle&olive picks, cheese straws, cake, and "yummy pineapple-lemonade punch" (recipe from froggy and the mouse).  I would suggest lots and lots of ice, because it is sweeeeeeet, but yummy of course!

Here's a picture of the cake!  It had vintage booties all over it and we pre-cut it into squares with floss.

I was persistent about getting a group picture with everyone's guess.  Boy or girl??  Looks like most ended up being correct!

Everyone was hoping for a boy, seeing how I grew up in a family of 4 girls!

My Mema was the keeper of the envelope.  She went back to the bedroom where we had pre-packed the boxes (pink in one, blue in another).  She checked the envelope and brought the correct box out.

Here are the balloons after we had them blown up the morning of the party.  The party was at 2ish, so they floated nicely.


It's a boy!!!!!  We had 8 balloons of each color blown up.  If I did it over, I'd have more balloons.  They went up so fast that the one picture we would have had of them going up was covered up by the back of my sister's head, who was jumping for joy.


Confirmation of the ultrasound print-out.  Our printout had a picture of the proof, if you know what I mean!  

Showing the ultrasound.... it was a giddy, exciting time!

We were soooo excited, secretly hoping it was a boy all along!

The pink balloons went to the girlies!

Got this idea from pinterest.  I just typed my own up on cream paper in Microsoft Publisher.  I plan to put them in a baby book.  The answers were really sweet and made me cry.  My husband and I filled one out too.  Well, actually I'm still waiting on his and his Dad's!  

Me and my sisters after the reveal!  They helped me a lot, along with my Mom, to get this all together!

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