Thursday, December 13, 2012

"stay-at-home mom" & {cloth} diapers

So we've decided and pretty much committed to cloth diapers.  I say we more because the hubs is helping in different ways, not because he made me do this!  We had a pretty serious talk lately about if it really was cheaper and if it was going to be worth it.  I was down because I felt like I was catching a lot of crap from people about doing it.  When I mentioned it, people would retort saying, "Oh, Morgan!"  or "Well, good luck!" (Did I mention I'm pretty sensitive?)

I've decided I'm doing it for a few different reasons.  For one, I will be staying at home with the baby.  We decided this would be the most economical decision as well as the most nurturing decision at this time.  If by next fall I can pick up a teaching job in the elementary school, then I may go back to work, but I'm not going  back to work only to have to put the Cros into childcare if it's not something that is a) making a good bit more $ than the childcare costs, and b) I really will love and it's worth me not being with my son.  Just a few weeks ago I finished my job at a preschool (infants-4s).  It was a wonderful experience and is probably the best one around, but a) I was pretty burned out, b) wasn't using my degree and teaching certification, and c) I would have been making about $200 by the time we paid for the Cros to be taken care of there.  Child care is expensive!!!

Not to mention, our closest family is 5 hours away, so if the babes got sick and couldn't be in childcare, one of us would have to take a sick day ourselves.  And from my experience, babies in childcare are pretty sickly at first because they're building up their immunity.

Anyway, all of that to say that becoming a "stay-at-home" mom is the best choice for us, for the time being.  That being said, my husband isn't the president of his company or anything, so I will be as thrifty as I can.  I make my grocery list pretty meticulously and though I'm not a crazy couponer, I do print some out each week and use Publix's sales ad for BOGO's and sales for that week.  I've thought about becoming a member of Costco or Sam's Club, but I'm not sold on it.  Another way we're cutting down is really trying to eat leftovers and sending them to work with the hubs.  If we don't have leftovers, I'll send him a can of soup or a sandwich, but I think in the long-run, the few bucks we each spent a day on lunches (or in my case candy and junk on my lunch break), will add up to being a lot of money.  But most of all, I feel confident in the fact that we can do this because I have faith that God will bring us through.

Another reason I've decided to stick with the cloth diaper idea is because I think it will give me a sense of purpose.  One of my greatest fears as a "stay-at-home" mom (this is a poor term to me.... we don't just sit at home and twiddle our thumbs- ok, down from the soapbox) is that I lack purpose in my life.  I'm worried that I won't feel worth anything because I don't technically bring in any money.  I have to remind myself that family is worth more than money and also that I am saving a lot by being a home-maker (that term's a little better).  I hope that cloth diapering will give me purpose.


Now, here's the math I've done on cloth diapers and how much you can save.  Plus, can I just say that they are much cuter?! :)

My investigation:  (Don't judge!  This is really messy and is pretty disorganized.  See below for a typed version)

* I used prices in the bulk packages for pricing
* I did not account for diaper covers, because they are not essential, but I will be using them.
*Snappi's are rubber type things that hold the diaper on without pins.  I plan to use these when the diapers don't work as simple inserts in the covers (when the Cros is small and the covers may not fit tightly).

After a good bit of reading online, I went with Flip diaper covers.  They have all-in-ones by Bum Genius and other brands, but basically you have to toss the insert and outside every time you change, which means more laundry and more of an investment.  My hope is that we will only need 2-3 covers a day since the covers are waterproof and can be wiped out as long as they aren't soiled between changes.  This means we only need about 5 covers total as long as I wash every other day.  And since we have a new HE washer and dryer, I'm confident that they will get clean.  We (my husband) also installed a diaper sprayer onto the toilet.  It's actually a bidet type sprayer because it's the same thing, but cheaper than those labeled "diaper sprayer".  This will make the nastiness of cloth diapering a lot easier.

Now, one side-note that I haven't mentioned:  we do plan to use disposables when we're out and about.  We were blessed to have been given so many wonderful things for the baby, and among those things were 2 diaper cakes and a few other packages of diapers.  I plan to use them at the very beginning and mixing cloth diapers in with them to get my feet wet and when we go out places.  I couldn't imagine bringing my baby to the church nursery and making them bag up cloth diapers.  That's just going a little far to me...

I plan to update as I actually get into using cloth diapers once baby comes, so look out for a follow-up!

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