Friday, December 7, 2012

Meanwhile {Waiting on Baby}

     So they say you get this urge to "nest" and get your house ready before your baby comes.  I'm not sure if this counts, but regardless, it was something to keep me busy and thus more patient as I wait.  {Did I mention I don't like surprises?}  I wonder when he'll be here.  I started thinking about it last night.  Will he come this week?  Next week?  Will he be late?  Will labor start when the hubs is at work?  Will I have to drive myself?  Or will it be at an obscure time in the morning?  All of this toils me, but I have to remind myself constantly that just as it was God's timing for me to have this little guy in my tummy, it's going to be God's timing for him to come out.
     Anyway... back to the "nesting"... if you want to call it that.  Today I buffed my headlights.  I drive a 2003 VW Jetta, which has been a good car, but like any old car these things happen.  My headlights were so fogged over that it really made the lights appear dim at night.  So yesterday I went to Advanced Auto and got this buffer kit by McGuire's.  It was $25 and although some scuffing was still there, when it was all said and done, the before and after pics show how good it worked.

Before                                                                         After
      Among other things, I've washed up everything that could be washed:  burp clothes, crib sheets, bassinet sheets, waterproof crib pads, onesies, hats, socks, towels, wash clothes, going home daygown, changing table cover, diaper stacker... and probably some other things I'm forgetting.  I {well if I'm honest, it was mostly my mother-in-law} washed baseboards and wiped down windows.  I've gotten my hospital bag packed.  I plan to blog post-baby and hospital stay to tell about what I wish I had and what was just too much.
     I'm not much of a homemaker, although surprisingly, that's what I've become lately.  I guess it's the nesting?  Or maybe it's just that I'm bored off my butt waiting on this kid!!!  I've done a load of laundry nearly everyday... and sometimes more, which is what my mom suggested whenever I would complain about it piling up.  My excuse was always that I was tired when I came home from work, so it ended up being a small, but notable mountain in our bedroom by the weekend.  However, can I just say doing a load a day really is so freeing to me.  The loads are smaller and much more manageable.  Dishes haven't gotten stacked into the sink, besides a stray cup or bowl since the time I stopped working in order to rest up and get ready for this baby boy.  I'm quite proud of myself.  And I'm sitting here thinking, people think I have it all together I bet.  No, I don't... sadly.  But I hope this motivates and doesn't make you feel like junk.  Highly motivated people depending on my mood sometimes motivate and other times make me feel like I'm not worth anything, so don't feel like that!  Once you're 9 1/2 months pregnant and your "nesting" instinct kicks in, you can be wonder-woman too.  Oh gracious... I just hope I can keep this up post-baby.... eek!

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