Monday, December 3, 2012

between holidays {birthday}

So our first baby is due on December 21, 2012.  We are really hoping he'll be here by his due date and not any closer to Christmas than 4 days, but who knows!  It's all really up to his timing, especially since I'll be going natural.  All of this lead me to begin thinking about how we will celebrate his birthday, being stuck between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  Everyone's so busy and as much as I'd love to have extended family & friend parties for the C man, I know that it would be inconvenient for many and hard to pick a date.

My oldest sister has a December birthday and she always seems to get the shaft.  Thankfully hers is in early December, but I still often find myself getting her a little something extra for Christmas to count for her birthday.  And it's even harder for us all to get together for her birthday than anyone else's.  After much thinking, talking to others, and researching the topic, here are the solutions I've come up with:

{Between Holiday Birthday Solutions}:
1.  {Half Birthday}:  We could celebrate a half birthday, which for C would be June 21 (assuming he comes on his due date).  This would probably be a great idea as he gets older, like 6 or something, because there are lots of fun things to do in the summer time.  However, this doesn't solve the first few birthday dilemmas.  It would be silly to have a 1st birthday party when he's 6 months old!  He wouldn't be able to do any of the traditional 1st birthday things like eat his own cake.  Regardless, if we use this one even when he's older, we'd celebrate his actual birthday on his actual day at home with a special dinner and cake, too.

2.  {A Little Early or Late}:  We could celebrate C's birthday a month early or a month late and this would somewhat solve the problem of the early years.  I'd imagine C could eat his own cake at 11 months or 13 months just as well as he could at 12.

3.  {Family Fun Day}:  We could have a family fun day (even if it was the weekend before or after).  Starting with a fun breakfast of doughnuts stacked like a cake or letting C help with fun-shaped pancakes when he gets older.  The house could be decorated to the nines for his birthday even with banners, wreaths, balloons, etc.  We could do his favorite games and activities such as a family hike or a board game or making a fort.  We could have a special picnic for lunch and his favorite dinner, too.  And regardless of who could or could not make it, we would make him feel special on his birthday.

I'll probably be updating after C is born and as we approach his first b-day with what we actually do.  But until then, I hope this helps for all of you who have or care about someone who has a December Birthday.

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  1. Hey Morgan! Pete has a January birthday, and we found that it was easy to plan something that month. After New Years, there is NOTHING going on, and everyone loves to have a chance to get out of the house and do something. Best Wishes!

    Chris B.