Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby, All I want for Christmas is YOU!

Dear Baby,
     I woke up this morning at 5:30.  Your Daddy was just about to get up for work.  I told him my tummy was tight and contracting.  I went to lie down on the couch and see what happened while Daddy took his shower and got ready.  A few minutes went by and they were still coming.  I got up and moved and they were still coming.  I called your Granna and told her what was going on and to be on standby.  Daddy called Grandpa & told them, too.  Daddy decided to head to work and pick up his things so that he could finish up a project, but he assured me he would be back very soon.  While he was gone, I took a shower and tried to think of anything else we needed to grab before we headed to the hospital - 1) water the Christmas tree, 2) laptop & charger, 3) oh... and did I ever wash my nursing cami to wear on the day we left the hospital?  When I got out, I started gathering the last minute things and threw my cami in the washer on a quick cycle.  All of the other things in our hospital bag had been packed for weeks.  I got dressed, put on a little makeup, and then your Daddy got home.  Daddy watered the tree and I started trying to count these crazy little contractions that are supposed to help get you out of my tummy so that we can meet you.  It was kind of hard because my whole tummy felt hard and never seemed to soften.  I could tell when they came harder, but not really when they would stop.  I tried to count nevertheless, because I knew that they were supposed to be 5 minutes apart for 1 minute each for an hour.  It had been an hour by then, but they weren't coming every 5 minutes.  I would have a group of them and then they would stop for a while.  This went on for a while.
     Daddy and Mommy had some cereal and Daddy prayed for you and Mommy to be healthy.  And do you know what happened next?  Nothing.  That's right!  I don't know if you weren't quite ready or if Mommy's body was just training me for your real birthday, but we didn't end up going to the hospital.  The contractions just faded out and didn't come back.  
     Daddy ended up hanging around for a while, working from home and being lovey dovey to Mommy.  He made Mommy smile and laugh and feel better about the botched labor day.  When Daddy went to work, Mommy washed windows and baked goodies for Daddy's work Christmas party that night.
     We look forward to meeting you and hope that it will be very soon!  Mommy's mentally ready for labor and Daddy's ready to coach me through.  We have your room all ready, and your bassinet, and presents under the tree for you.  You're not due for another 4 days now, but we're just ready for you to be in our lives and for our little family of 3 to be all together for Christmas.  

Please come soon!

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  1. Super cute! I hope that Crosby gets the message and comes soon! What a wonderful Christmas gift he would be!!! Love you (3)!